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 I spent about 30 years of my adult life following conventional wisdom. As a military and commercial pilot, I traveled quite a bit, spent large amounts of time in different time zones, and ate crap because that was what was available most of the time. I was always conscious of my weight and appearance but was  fighting a losing battle. I usually tried to stick to low fat foods. I hiked and walked all the time and even did a few short distance triathlon races thinking that I had to exercise to lose/maintain a healthy weight. Of course, that never happened. So for about 30 years, I followed the  governments advice and ate the SAD (standard American diet) and got fatter and unhealthier! 

 In early 2012, I looked in the mirror and finally REALLY didn't like what I saw. I had to change or deal with pending chronic diseases or disorders or die (I know, pretty dramatic!). I started a running program thanks to my wife and slowly got fitter. By mid 2013, I was feeling pretty awesome, lost about 20 pounds, and wanted more. I had started to eat differently, following the Paleo diet and it seemed to work. I also decided to sign up for an Ironman race in Mount Tremblant for August 2014. Very exciting stuff! I hired a coach, upped my training and completed the race in 16 hours. Lots of pain by the end but loved it and fell in love with the sport. My next Ironman race was September 2016 in Chattanooga. It turned out to be the second hottest IM race ever, a third of the starting athletes did not finish and I ended up walking most of the marathon with horrible gut issues due to over hydration, no fun! Still I wanted more and I decided to try and figure out how to race without stomach problems. 

 Another observation I made during the following months was that I was gaining weight. I couldn't believe it! Ironman training is roughly 10 to 15 hours of swimming, biking, and running a week. With this amount of exercise I figured I could eat as much as I wanted because of all the calories I was burning...maybe not. Conventional wisdom tells us that to lose weight we need to setup a negative energy balance in our bodies, simple. Eat less, move more, lose weight. Somehow it doesn't seem to work this way does it?  This was like saying Bill Gates gets richer because he earns more than he spends. Doesn't really say HOW he got rich. Weight loss  is WAY more complicated than this! Anyway, this is why I took a very deep dive into nutrition and I began to learn about optimal health.  

 September 2017, I heard the word KETO for the first time. My eating habits would be transformed for life! I started at 225lbs 7 years ago and am now 175lbs which I have easily maintained for the last year and a half (I was up to 210lbs 2 years ago) without counting calories or worrying how much I ate. I've enhanced my body's ability to burn fat for fuel and have dabbled in intermittent fasting. My last two Ironman races were completed with Ucan Superstarch, salt, and water, both PBs (personal best) and I felt great during and after. My recovery time after these races was greatly reduced as well. Unbelievable! I sleep better, think better, remember better, feel better, bike better, run better (working on swim!), tan better, blood work is better, blood pressure is better, skin is better. I have not had any negative effects at all. Life changing, can't say enough about this lifestyle!  

 Ok, now this is why I want to health coach and start a business that will absolutely help  people. It's my passion to pass on what I've learned to anyone who wants/knows they can do better. I know you probably can feel it in your hearts that the conventional low fat, high grain diet is actually doing more harm than good. You have followed it for years but still struggle with your wellbeing. Ketogenic or LCHF (low carb healthy fat) lifestyles are not only your path to better living, it's the way most humans are meant to eat and live. If you are that person who could use a change, a boost, or you're just fed-up with not feeling great, I can help. Let me help you extract the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from your lives!             Harper Primal Health 

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Tried Diets Before...

If   you  have  tried  numerous  diets  losing weight  only  to  have  it  return  when  you  get  fed  up  with  being hungry!

Government Recommenations

If  you’ve  followed  conventional  wisdom  for  years  going  LOW  FAT  but  have  had  zero  results or have  even  put  weight  on  and  you  feel  unwell.

Eat Less, Move More

If you are sick of counting calories and being told to reduce how much you eat and to exercise more.

Lifestyle Change

If you are ready to make a lifestyle change that will yield results and is maintainable for life!

Endurance Athletes

If you are tired of suffering with GI/stomach issues during training and racing. LCHF racing may be your answer!

Insulin Control

If you are sick of having cravings and crashing midday. 





I am a 52 yo female who weighed 200 lbs in October 2019.  I had significant health issues, including insulin resistance, joint and back pain and generally, felt unwell.  I felt very self-conscious about my weight and began to withdraw from social gatherings and activities as a result.  I  was told by my doctor that I was on a steady path to becoming a type 2 diabetic.  I began a low carb, ketogenic diet in Mid-October and with Rick’s assistance, I am proud to say that 7 months later I am at a much healthier weight of 140 lbs. 

Like many others, at first I was very skeptical that a high fat, low carb diet would actually result in weight loss.  My entire life, I was told to avoid high fat and I believed that eating high fat would result in weight gain.  I can attest that this is definitely not the case.  Additionally, before low carb, my meal portions were huge and despite this, I always felt hungry.  I very rarely get hungry now and if I do, it’s so mild that it isn’t even noticeable.  So much so, that I sometimes have to remind myself to eat when I get really busy.  Portion control is much easier because it is very difficult to eat massive portions when eating low carb/high fat.  It is now a lifestyle for me and I have no intention of going back!

This has truly changed my entire outlook on life and I feel amazing!  I have endless energy, I am no longer insulin resistant and I no longer have joint and back pain.  This has allowed me to become, once again, involved in activities that I had shied away.  Most importantly, I feel great about myself; not just in the way I look but, most importantly, in the way I feel. 

I am eternally grateful for all of the guidance Rick Harper has provided to me.  Please do yourself a favor and contact him.  You won’t be disappointed and he will change your life for the better!



 Hey Rick,

I want to thank you for you enthusiasm, desire for knowledge, tenacity, willingness to be unconventional and your compassion.

May 2018 my HbA1c had gone up to 7.3 and the only option was to increase Metformin. It was another indication of step down the road of my body being damaged by Type 2 Diabetes.

You had been speaking to me about carbohydrates and fat but the low carb seemed radical and the high fat was counter to all I knew about fat and what medical doctors, nurses and dietitian had believed to be true.

Well, I had nothing to lose. More metformin and then injecting insulin...

It seemed like the beginning of the end.

It may take 10 or 15 years but diabetes would kill me.

Well, low carb/high fat has reversed my diabetes. Within a month my HbA1c was below 6.5 in the prediabetic range and withing 4 months my HbA1c was 5.9, below diabetic range! No metformin, no statin!

Fast forward to Sep 2019 and my HbA1c has been 5.9 consistently.

Oh, did I mention I dropped 23 lbs to 177?  I am not done. 

The books and podcasts that you passed on have been amazing. 

Your encouragement along the way has been great. 

Rick, you have influenced 5 other people in the office that I know of. 

This change has empowered me, enlightened me, saved me.

My wife and children are thankful.

Keto on my Friend


Happy Thanksgiving all, wow what a weekend of eating and cheating on my diet….hey that’s ok once in a while.
For years my diet consisted of higher carb foods. After my last blood test, the doctor informed me that my fasting glucose was rising compared to previous year results. She suggested eating less carbs,  smaller portions with a good amount of vegetables, good advice hey. I certainly didn’t want to become  diabetic as  I  was  getting in my 50’s. Time to take control of me!
Talking to Rick about low carb higher fat diets  made sense to me, after all it was what I grew up with. Mom and Dad never bought into the fat is bad and complex carbs are good. Eating cheap out of the box foods never made it to the dinner table at that time. How did I end up eating this cheap,  ready to eat food, not a lot of meat and a lot of mac and cheese, sweet sauces, sugar in almost everything etc ?? I know how, laziness and buying into a culture that drills it into your head that eating meats, eggs and fats are bad. I was filling up on crackers,  breads,  and  power bars and wondering why I was hungry in an hour.  I’m sure the food companies that sell this cheap alternative to real food love the huge  profit margins that they see. First thing I did to  get  healthy was to drop the sugar, pop  and  juices and cut back on the starches!  This was not easy, I craved carbs and it was hard to break through this but after 3 or 4 weeks of sticking to it with intermittent fasting I saw results. Weight loss, better sleep, less inflammation, more energy and a sharper frame of mind.
I really looked forward to chatting with Rick at work to bounce questions off him and pick his mind for advice. This is fun now and easy to maintain. 


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