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What We Offer

Knowledge and guidance for optimal health.

We provide accountability to help move you towards your goals.

A new modern view of nutrition and food away from conventional thinking.

Keto/LCHF advise promoting a better life.

Keto/LCHF use in endurance sports with focus on Long Distance Triathlon and Ironman.

We help you attain your goals!

My Experience

Let me pass on to you the knowledge and experience I now have and apply it to your training and racing. Do you struggle with gut problems during longer workouts or races? If you're open to a new, different approach, I can help.

Real Testimonials

We will share some great stories to help turn you into potential customers.

Coming events

 I will put together health challenges in the future.

Big News

Coming soon!


We will display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.